Thoughts from the Pro First Grand Principal

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The Pro First Grand Principal gave an outstanding address at the recent meeting of Supreme Grand Chapter which is well worth reading and well worth thinking about in our discussions with fellow brethren.

Reflecting on these thoughts our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E.Comp Phil Hall commented:-

‘It is clear to all that freemasonry has many parts, and brethren across the constitution find enjoyment in different facets of our wonderfully broad and inclusive organisation. In reaffirming the First Grand Principal’s view that exaltation into the Holy Royal Arch should be the first step after being raised in the Craft, the Pro First Grand Principal has laid a pathway for brethren to develop themselves and ensure their continued enjoyment. This, in turn, can lead to involvement in as many of the interesting and historic Orders as the brother’s time and circumstance allows. As I said at my installation, ‘I want exaltation to be the aspiration of every Freemason’, and when the time is right for them, I would hope every brother will take the step.’