Yasha Beresiner

Yasha Beresiner

In conjunction with the Royal Arch Bicentenary day of celebration, an excellent new history book has been launched. It is titled 200 Years of Royal Arch Freemasonry in England, 1813 – 2013, and the author is the well known Masonic researcher and writer, Yasha Beresiner. You can now obtain this book by mail order by phoning 020 7395 9329 or visiting the Letchworth’s Shop website at

Divided into three parts, this book describes the creation of Supreme Grand Chapter and its indissoluble relationship with Craft masonry. For all those who take their Royal Arch masonry seriously and have a thirst for knowledge, this book adds to the current limited choice of Royal Arch, books including that by the late Revd. Neville Barker Cryer, (The Royal Arch Journey). It brings the story of the development of the Royal Arch in England right up to date and provides a fascinating insight into what Lawrence Dermot in 1764 described as the “root, heart and marrow of Masonry.”

Yasha Beresiner.

Royal Arch Matters

Royal Arch MattersIf you are just beginning in Royal Arch Masonry, or if you are curious about the content and meaning of the Exaltation ceremony, this reasonably-priced booklet available from most Masonic regalia suppliers, is a very good place to start your researches. It comprises three separate papers by Roy A. Wells given to the London First Principals’ Chapter between 1963 and 1985 plus a fourth paper given as his Inaugural Address on Installation as MEZ of the same chapter in 1973. The subject matter is well presented and clearly explained.

This is the kind on booklet that you read at one sitting and discover that it is packed with useful information that takes you all the way back to the very birth of the Royal Arch in the early 18th century. It then goes on to explain how the Royal Arch was dealt with following the union of the Antients and Moderns Grand Lodges in 1813 to form the United Grand Lodge and Supreme Grand Chapter we know today. As a Masonic history book and commentary on aspects of the order, this is an invaluable part of any thinking Companion’s collection.

Roy A. Wells.

Jerusalem – The Biography

Jerusalem – The BiographyThis recently published book truly is a modern masterpiece, containing vast amounts of well-researched information regarding the ‘Holy City’. The first few chapters are of particular interest to Freemasons, as they deal with the Biblical characters that feature so prominently in our Craft and Royal Arch ritual. The historical context for each episode in the development of the city and especially the temple, are described clearly and precisely with plenty of references and additional notes provided. For any Royal Arch Mason who wishes to understand more fully Jerusalem and its historical background and the connections with the ritual of the order, this book is a must. The book goes on to cover in great detail the full historical panoply of the eventful life of this unique and special city and is illustrated throughout.

Simon Sebag Montefiore.

Understanding the Royal Arch

Understanding the Royal ArchAn explanation of the origins and meaning of the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem is provided, not only for prospective candidates but to increase the enjoyment of Companions of all ranks.

An excellent read of special interest to recently Exalted Companions.

Richard Sanbach is a Past Grand Superintendent of the Province of Northampton and Huntingdonshire, and many of the chapters are based upon his addresses to the annual Provincial Convocations.

The last chapter on the subject of the Biblical and historical context of the Royal Arch story is particularly fascinating.

Richard Sanbach.

The Royal Arch Journey

The Royal Arch JourneyThe complete story of the emergence and development of the Order of the Holy Royal Arch in England from its origins in the 18th century through to the present day by one of the country’s most popular Masonic authors.

Over the years the Revd. Neville Barker Cryer has delivered many lectures to Lodges throughout the country. His lectures manage to both entertain and inform the lodge members and one perennially popular subject is the Royal Arch Journey.

In this volume the author draws on his many years of research into the topic to present an analysis of the history of the Royal Arch, its origins and development, and its place in the present day Masonic tradition.

Revd. Neville Barker Cryer.