Warwickshire Provincial Grand Lodge operates a Universities scheme

Universities Scheme

Universities have had an association with Freemasons for hundreds of years. In 2005 the United Grand Lodge of England launched the Universities Scheme to help to forge links between well placed, enthusiastic Lodges and the many students and other young people who are seeking to become involved in Freemasonry but who may not know where to begin.

Around the country are many Lodges who actively seek recruits from local Universities and similar educational establishments, be they undergraduates, postgraduates or university lecturers. In Warwickshire, we have the University of Birmingham Lodge No 5628 and Athol Lodge No 74 which both meet at the Masonic Hall, Severn Street, Birmingham. They have attracted many young men, from the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University,

In Coventry, we have Collegiate Lodge No 9942 which meets at Coventry Masonic Hall, 165 Warwick Road, Coventry attracting new members from both Warwick and Coventry Universities.

​The Lodges also takes graduates from all over this country, and abroad, who have come to live or work in the Birmingham and Coventry areas. Young men are under-represented in Freemasonry and we want to expose as many as possible to its benefits. Of course, students join, graduate and often move on, but the beauty of the scheme is that most Provinces also have receiver Lodges to look after graduates moving to that area.

The truth of the matter is that many Lodges in Warwickshire have graduates or undergraduates as members, depending on the members knowledge of Freemasonry and prior affiliation. So just because you are at University doesn’t mean you have to join a scheme Lodge, but they are set up to look after your particular needs and cater for such members’ very well. If you want to read more about the University Scheme take a look at their website here.


​There are many men out there who are looking for some greater meaning to life. Freemasonry is open to all men, regardless of religious, political or social status, and while this scheme is focussed on a particular niche, as a Province we are keen to engage with men from all walks of life including ethnic and other minority groups. We have many members from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs including the Jewish, Moslem, Sikh and Buddhist communities.

Many did not understand that Freemasonry has been welcoming to their particular religion or way of life for hundreds of years, and have entered our Order and found it, as a philosophy for living, completely compatible with their beliefs and culture. if you want to find out more then make contact with us and we will do the rest. We often have open days, come and try events and functions open to the public which we will promote on this website to give you the opportunity to see what we have to offer.

Why I became a Freemason

I joined Freemasonry in 2012 through the UGLE University Scheme and was initiated into the University of Birmingham Lodge 5628, where I am currently the Junior Warden. By day, I am in the process of completing my PhD and relish the time I spend with my young family.

Interested in joining?

Why Carey Burke became a Freemason