Calling All Adventurers!

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On Monday 26th February Asaph Lodge from London travelled up to Jephson Lodge in Warwick to put on a special play called The Fight, set just before the American War of Independenceand what a night it turned out to be…!!

The event attracted 42 visitors, including 15 who had travelled up from London and six people who were not currently Freemasons but were considering joining.

We were joined by a number of senior provincial figures, including David Butcher PGSwdB, DepPGM.

The production of The Fight was planned to a high professional standard, until the “Jephson Lodge Irregulars” and David Butcher got dressed up and attempted to hijack the play. Large amounts of red wine were consumed both before and during the performance, with our members being firm advocates of the Oliver Reed school of acting, much to the delight of the audience.

Neither the actors nor the Irregulars got changed before the Festive Board and they escorted the WM into the dining room in costume.

Alderson House Manager Peter Round did us all proud, serving a four-course 18th Century meal with wine which was accompanied by boisterous singing of a 17th Century Toast to King Charles and the actors demonstrating a 17th Century military firing.

The evening finished with the cast (and Irregulars) adjourning to the Warwick Arms Hotel, still in 18th Century costumes, to pretend to be the pub ghosts, consume large quantities of port with the remaining visitors and then get kicked out at 1:30am, being instructed to “go home”.

By the end of the evening some of the visitors had asked to become joining members of Jephson Lodge including one of the Asaph team who offered to lend us some professional help when we start to put on our productions.

The Constitution Performance

We have a follow-up White Table event on 25th March which promises to be just as wild. This time with the Northamptonshire and Huntingdon Demo team performing a Constitutions Play.
This Play is centred around the Key Protagonists involved in producing the 1723 Constitutions and why they believed them to be so important in a world which was divided in many ways.
We want this to be as memorable as last month so if you would like to be part of this, email our secretary to reserve a space.