Chapter of Rectitude No.502 – A new member is Exalted into the Chapter

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On Thursday the 20th of April, at the Chapters regular meeting, a new member, Bro Robert Walker was Exalted by the Companions of this fine Chapter.


Here is a photograph of Robert taken immediately after the Chapter was closed.

The Ceremony was conducted in excellent style by the Companions with more than just a little bit of theatre by the Sojourner’s aiding the good work of the Chapter Principals. At the festive board when our new Companion Robert replied to his toast, he said that before the ceremony started that he was feeling nervous about what might be waiting for him, but that when he entered the room that feeling of trepidation swiftly melted away, and that he could feel the warmth of feeling toward him from his yet to be seen Companions. When the due time came in the ceremony, he said that he ‘will always remember seeing the happy smiling faces of the  Companions gathered around to greet him, and to bring him into the Royal Arch, a truly memorable and colourful experience’.

E. Companion Nigel Hawkins, the Provincial 3rd Grand Principal was in attendance to welcome Robert into the Royal Arch, a duty which he performed with great aplomb and measured humour to the delight of all of the Companions present.

Here are some further photo’s taken after the meeting closed.


From left to right: E. Comps John Illingworth and Richard Clews alongside Comp Robert Walker with
E. Comp Rob Mason.


And here they are again in the same sequence as before but with E. Comp Nigel Hawkins in the line up.


And here is Comp Robert resplendent in his new RA regalia along with his new Companions.


The fare at the festive board was excellent as was the atmosphere created by all of those present. In summary, it was a Masonic night to be remembered.