Chapter of St Andrew No. 4056 – Installation Meeting with a Burns Night FB

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The Chapter of St Andrew held its 251st regular Meeting on March 3rd with the main event for the evening being the installation of the Principals by proclamation of the Chapters MEZ, E. Comp Robert J Gullick, and induction of E. Comp John L Moore as H, and E. Comp Neil M Cappell as J.

Pictured below are the Principals:

From Left to right;  E. Comps John Moore, Robert Gullick and Neil Cappell.

This picture shows the principals with the Provincial team for the evening, E. Comp David Graham, the Presiding Officer with E. Comp Mark Phillips shown on the far left acting as 2nd principal and last but by no means least, E. Comp Paul Hollis acting as the 3rd principal standing between the Chapters MEZ and J.

As this was a Burns Night festive board, a number of pictures were taken from which the following have been selected for you to see some of what happened through what was an excellent and enjoyable meal with the usual fan fare of a Scottish celebration of the Haggis shown here being piped into dining room with much noise from the Piper and Companions.

The haggis was expertly presented by E Comp David Paterson

E Comp David Paterson in full verse with a magnificent proclamation.

And finally, the first cut of the Haggis which was then piped out of the room again with much noise and ceremony prior to being served to the Companions.

The Charity Plate and Raffle raised £339.00 which was immediately increased by a donation through a large local company who made it up by a factor three to £1,017 which was donated to the Ukrainian appeal.