Chapters Of Instruction

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Four Chapters of Instruction are listed in the Warwickshire Masonic Year Book, although many Chapters hold their own rehearsals to ensure that ceremonies are conducted with dignity, efficiency and competence. They afford an excellent opportunity for Companions to learn the ritual, demonstrate their ability and enhance their confidence. All Companions are eligible to attend their own Chapter rehearsals and any of those listed below, where they will be encouraged to participate and establish a pattern of learning to suit their needs today.

Grand Chapter Of Instruction

A Festival is held each year in April where members enact a Ceremony of Exaltation. The participants demonstrate their skill to a large audience of Royal Arch Companions, comprising many Grand and Provincial Grand Officers in addition to younger and more junior Companions.

The Festival is held each April and gives an opportunity to see a demonstration of the Exaltation Ceremony performed by Companions below the chairs. The president of the festival is usually a senior companion from another Province and full details and a booking form will be issued to chapter Scribe Es early in the new year.