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Trinity Chapter – Feb 2019


It is always special when visiting a lodge or chapter but it is even more so when it is a particularly old one as they may do things slightly differently!!  Trinity is no different and a good number of companions enjoyed their 126th installation convocation.  The companions of Trinity had obviously worked hard as the ceremony went well with visitors wondering if the occasional differences in ritual were minor errors or, more likely, simply Trinity workings!  We saw two companions – the new MEZ & J – sensitively installed with H going through the Chairs for a second time.  This was all done under the watchful eyes of the retiring DC, EComp Hugh Thomson, and the erstwhile SE, EComp Gerry Logue.

Towards the end of the meeting, the Chapter was treated to a nugget from Solomon – ‘Who was Zerubbabel’ – very appropriate for first-time MEZ, EComp Steve Timms.  The Grand Superintendent included a plug for Solomon in his address at the recent Principals & Past Principals Dinner and is keen for chapters to include a ‘nugget’ on their agenda.  If you have yet to dip your toe and test the water, you can find it at – registering is very easy and you then have access to a real wealth of information that will make your daily advancement a dream.

Anyway, back to Trinity.  The Chapter was pleased to mark the occasion of the Principals all being members of Trinity Lodge by dusting down the very special Master’s and Wardens’ chairs.  The number of Trinity Lodge members in the chapter will soon be increased by one – WBro Mark Goddin was proposed by his father, EComp Tim Goddin, and seconded by his godfather, EComp Tony Richards – a nice touch and Comp SE was quick to point out that they’d both known WBro Mark for exactly the same length of time!!  With a second candidate in the pipeline too, all is well for Trinity Chapter and long may that continue.