NEWS and update from the RA Benevolent Fund

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Dear Companions, I know that you will all be pleased to hear that the Fund has been very busy over the period from November 2019 to June 2020 as you will have noted from the video address of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and other news items posted through our web site and social media channels.

Throughout the present pandemic the Fund has still been able to function with communication by electronic means and this has allowed a number of grants to be approved for charities local to our Province.

The Chapters Charity Support Scheme which as you know provides supplementary amounts to that raised through individual Chapters for charities of their choice, approved grants paid to the following charities:-

Coventry Cyrenians                                        £250.00

Dogs for Good                                                £250.00

Arrow Action Group                                       £350.00

Acorns Children’s Hospice                            £1,165.00


The grant awarded to the Acorns Charity was the combined amount raised through the charitable giving of three Chapters supplemented by the Fund.


In addition, full Grants from the Fund have been made to the following charities:-


Guys Gift of Leamington Spa                       £439.98

Buddy Bag Foundation                                  £3,000.00

Claverdon Charity Playground                     £3,100.00

Warwicks & Solihull Blood Bikes                 £1,000.00

Myton Hospice (IT equipment)                    £7,000.00


In total these charities were the beneficiaries of £16,598.98 from the combined grants from the Chapter Support Scheme and RA Benevolent Fund through this eight month period.


On behalf of the Trustees of the Benevolent Fund I extend our gratitude to all of the Companions in our Province for your support, and as and when your own Chapter convocations resume once more please remember how the Chapters Charity Support Scheme can enhance your giving to individual chosen charities.


Kind regards and very best wishes,


David Mander   Trustee