Prudence Chapter No 3659

Prudence dictates ….. we need a chapter for our times.

  • There’s no better feeling than a good, relaxed lunch in good company!
  • There’s no need to grapple with rush hour, dark nights, or inhospitable town centres!
  • There’s a warm and “together” experience that is the essence of Royal Arch.
  • That’s our basic formula for Prudence Chapter.

We are a fine dining chapter holding a late morning meeting followed by lunch together. We meet at the Nuthurst Grange Country Hotel, whose award-winning restaurant gives us all an individual choice of menu, as well as the normal comforts of a welcoming hotel. It is easily accessible from the M40 and M42.

We welcome visitors and new members alike to try something new. Our regular meetings are on the 4th Thursdays of January, March, and September.

110 years ago, our Founders brought together masons from all over the Midlands. They were at the forefront of their world. Today we recognise that times have changed and that masonry beyond the world of work can be different. Once again, we are at the forefront of meeting a new need for those Freemasons.

To visit or find out more please contact the Scribe E, or consult the yearbook.


Prudence Chapter No 3659