Royal Arch Peterborough Booklets

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Many Chapters in the Province already use the Royal Arch booklets in this very useful series. It is strongly recommended that the booklet No 4 in the series “Notes for a newly Exalted Companion”, which offers explanatory notes on the history of our organisation and the significance of the exaltation ceremony, should be given to a candidate, either after the ceremony or when his Grand Chapter Certificate is presented.

Similarly the booklet “Why join the Royal Arch?” or even better, the Provincial Royal Arch Recruitment Leaflet, provides extremely useful background information for any Mason considering joining our order. These booklets have now been updated following the changes agreed in 2004.

Both booklets are available from the Quator Coronati Correspondence Circle, QCCC Ltd, 20 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5BE telephone 020 7405 7340. The cost including postage is £1 per booklet, with a 10% discount for 12 or more copies.

Our own Warwickshire Royal Arch leaflet, “From Initiation to Exaltation” is available in all Masonic Centres.