SGC Appointments & Promotions

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It is with great pleasure and delight that I announce the following Grand Rank Appointments and Promotions:

E.Comp Geoffrey Walker is the recipient of a 1st Appointment in an acting role of Grand Standard Bearer. As many of you will be aware, Geoff is a committed, and prominent RA Mason and well known throughout the Province, and in his 15 years of service he’s currently in his sixth year of continuous acting Provincial duty which for the past two years he’s been our Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.


E.Comp Graham H Lewis receives a 1st Appointment to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. Many of you will have met Graham through his duties as Scribe Ezra in the Provincial 1st Principals, and Grand Stewards Chapters in which role he’s served six and ten years respectively.


E.Comp John David Evans receives a promotion to Past Assistant Grand Sojourner.

E.Comp David as he’s known to us has had a distinguished RA Career spanning 25 years of which he’s devoted much of his time with over 14 years continuous service in a variety of Provincial roles, and which he continues as the lead of the Learning and Development of RA Masonry Team.

Making this announcement to the Companions of our order gives me the greatest pleasure, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude and thanks for all they have achieved in supporting our Province, and both congratulate and wish them the very best in their futures as RA Mason’s, and I’m sure that you will also wish them well and give them your welcoming congratulations when you next meet them as they go about their duties in their usual, approachable and dignified manner we’ve come to experience.

Philp L Hall