Supreme Grand Chapter Fees 2024

Provincial Chapters

ANNUAL CONTRIBUTIONS (per member) inclusive of VAT at a partial zero rating = £9.00

REGISTRATION FEES * (all Exaltees and/or Joiners from other Constitutions) = £42.0


DISPENSATION (granted by the First Grand Principal* = £25.20

DISPENSATION (granted by the First Grand Principal) ‘Nunc pro tunc’ = £50.40

* Inclusive of VAT at the Full Standard Rate of 20%.

The above contributions are payable in respect of Annual Returns due on and after 1st January and Registration Forms received at Grand Chapter after 1st January even if the Exaltation or Joining took place before that date.

N.B. No fee is payable for the registration of a Companion who joins a Chapter from another under the Grand Chapter.

PLEASE NOTE: The above figures do not include the element which is payable direct to PROVINCIAL GRAND CHAPTER which for 2022 will be £5.00 per Subscribing Member.