The Chapter of Faith and Hope No. 4772

The Chapter of Faith & Hope was consecrated in 1950, and was one of many celebratory events in 1950, during the 25th anniversary year of the Lodge of Faith and Hope.  All of the Founders were members of the Lodge of Faith and Hope, although several were also members of other Lodges and Chapters.  Our Chapter logo matches the Lodge, which was consecrated not long after WW1, the centre of the Royal Arch jewel being replaced by the phoenix.

The Chapter of Faith and Hope No. 4772

The Chapter currently has 20 Subscribing Members, with one waiting for Exaltation, and meets at the Yenton Masonic Centre, Erdington, Birmingham.

The current average age of our membership is 58 years, although, significantly, our newest members have an average age of 39 years, and we hope to continue this trend to ensure the future of the Chapter.

Our Membership covers a diverse range of backgrounds and occupations, including police officers, motor industry, gas industry, recruitment, and consultancy.

We hold three regular meetings per year, in preparation for which, we usually hold two rehearsals for each meeting. Our regular meetings take place on the third Monday in February, May & October, with our rehearsals meetings a week beforehand.  Our regular meetings are well supported by the members and Visitors from other Chapters throughout the Province and beyond. Visitors often comment about how welcome they are made to feel at our meetings.

The Chapter, although receiving new members from the Lodge of Faith & Hope, is also very fortunate in that many members have joined from other Lodges, which have an association with particular Companions.  Examples are Lodge of Happiness, Lodge of Charity, Lodge of Freedom, Priors Lodge, Lodge of Goodwill, Godson Lodge (Worcs), and others.

The Chapter prides itself on having members who are good ritualists, and takes rehearsals seriously in order to maintain this tradition.  Amongst its members is the well known E Comp Peter Britton, now an Honorary member, and a prominent high ranking Grand Officer, who has visited every corner of the Province and has the full mystical lecture as one of his preferred major pieces of ritual. He is also widely experienced at presenting Grand Chapter Certificates.

We are keen to admit new members, and assure them of a very warm welcome by all our Companions.  Enquiries should be made to our Scribe E, John Hayward, via or by calling 07887 674858.

JBH/November 2022.