They’ve had their chips at Concord Chapter

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Concord Chapter No 3239 met for the first time in over two years on 9th of March, and they did it in style! The principals and officers were all proclaimed as continuing in office before the highlight of the evening – welcoming W Bro, now Companion, Paul Rice into the Holy Royal Arch as well as two re-joining members.

You might expect an old car which has been stood for a couple of years to cough into life in a cacophony of smoke and rough running – not Concord Chapter! The chapter officers with help from regular visitors and witnessed by the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal E Comp John Starley, performed a beautiful and sincere ceremony which our new made Companion Paul thoroughly enjoyed.

The ceremony was judged perfectly, and the Chapter closed just as the fish and chips arrived. A very tasty Festive Board was unwrapped, and after all the happy toasts, and good wishes being extended to Companions too poorly to attend, everyone went home happy!