Trinity Royal Arch Chapter No 254 was consecrated in 1894 and has continued to operate successfully ever since.

We currently possess around 35 members of whom the majority are Past Principals; but 10 or so are junior Companions up to and including the three Chairs, so there is ample opportunity for new Exaltees to progress actively at a sensible pace through the various offices.

We meet three times a year (on the third Tuesday of October, December, and February) at Coventry Masonic Centre, Dalecote House, 165 Warwick Road, Coventry CV3 6 . Our meetings commence at 6.00 p.m. and there is a festive board afterwards which usually ends around 10.00 p.m. .

There are separate officers’ meetings; and we hold occasional social functions including an annual joint lunch with Trinity Lodge at an outside venue to which wives, partners and guests are invited.

The rooms include a splendid temple, separate bar and dining areas and contain all necessary facilities including a modern  lift. There is also ample parking. All this enables us to enjoy excellent fellowship.

Trinity Chapter ritual adheres strictly to normal Warwickshire Working which may hopefully encourage members of other Lodges, local or otherwise, to apply to join us.

If at any time a Companion has any difficulty in learning his ritual, he will be encouraged to contact any senior member of the Chapter for assistance, and this will be given him readily and in a most friendly fashion.

Trinity Chapter does endeavour to deliver its ritual to a high standard, because this is not only for the benefit and enjoyment of new Exaltees but for all Companions present, including our guests who we welcome with open arms.

We already comprise all ages, types of work occupations and different backgrounds, in true masonic tradition; and our aim is to continue this inclusiveness.

Shown here is picture of the Chapter’s Principals taken after their installation into the chairs of  H, Z & J. in February 2022.




In conclusion, therefore, if you are a prospective candidate for the Holy Royal Arch, please consider us for  your home venue; and if you feel you need to know more about our ceremony or activities, please either approach any of our members already known to you or contact our Scribe E (Secretary) as detailed below.

Our Scribe E is:     E Comp. Gerry Logue P.Prov. G.S.N.

e-mail address:

tel:  07831486052