Trinity Chapter presents the Travelling Loving Cup to the Chapter of Rectitude

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On 18th of April, the Chapter of Trinity No 254 arrived in force at Arnold House, Rugby, to present the Travelling Loving cup to the Chapter of Rectitude no 502. Excellent companion David Hanford delivered a fascinating brief history and explanation of the purpose of the Travelling Loving cup before handing it over to Rectitude’s Zerubbabel. 

The journey of the Travelling Loving cup around the Province is to promote visiting and goodwill between the chapters and with eight companions of Trinity accompanying the cup and six companions from Composite no 5727 also at the meeting, it certainly seems to be achieving that aim.

The photo shows Ex Comp David Hanford, Trinity’s Zerubbabel handing the magnificent cup over to Rectitude’s Excellencies who are shown flanked by the eight visitors from Trinity.

Left to Right

Comp Panagiotis Andrikopoulous, Ex Comp Tony Richards, Ex Comp Alan Searle, Ex Comp Ray Maxwell, Ex Comp Mike Reeve, Ex Comp Rob Mason, Ex Comp John Illingworth, Ex Comp David Hanford, Ex comp Mark Tyres, Ex Comp Gerry Logue and Ex Comp Obi Ugwu

The Ceremony was followed by an extremely genial and enjoyable festive board which was enhanced by the opportunity to make new acquaintances and foster links between the Companions of the three chapters represented.

Rectitude hope to be able to amass an entourage of a similar number when they present the Travelling Loving Cup to the next Chapter after the summer recess.

With thanks to E Comps Ivan Norris and Gerry Logue for co-ordinating the handover, and to E Comp Richard Clews for the article.

The Travelling Loving Cup – Rules of Movement

To follow the rules governing the Cup’s travels, the holding Chapter must select another Chapter, at another Warwickshire centre, with at least three members taking the cup to its destination.  The holding Chapter must not keep it for long, so that it continues its journey throughout the Province, and encourages visiting between Chapters.  The handover can be either within the meeting or at the festive board, and should include an obligation on the receiving Chapter to maintain the tradition to encourage visiting throughout the Province.

The Travelling Loving Cup has been generously released from the Warwickshire Masonic museum where it was donated by the former Chapter of Charity, the previous members of which having given their blessing to its use.

Please keep the Travelling Loving Cup in its holder and update the list of Chapters it has visited as it travels throughout the Province.  Please advise the undersigned of the whereabouts of the TLC so that it does not become ‘Lost in Transit’.  It is hoped to mark the progress of the TLC at each stage of its journey with an article on the Royal Arch website.

Please let me know if your Chapter is keen on holding the Cup and I will ensure it is delivered to you I due course.

John Hayward

Past Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals

Past Cup Holders:-
Shakespeare Chapter No.284 – 6 July 2019 to 25 July 2019
Leigh Chapter No 887 – 25 July 2019 to 6 September 2019
Athol Chapter No 74 – 6 September 2019 to 16 September 2019
Leigh Chapter No 887 – 16 September 2019 to 19th January 2022
(Pandemic Restrictions period and rule change in July 2020)
Bedeword Chapter No 7274 – 19th January 2022 to 16th May 2022
Athelstan Chapter No 1333 –  16th May 2022 to 17th October 2022
Chapter of Faith and Hope No 4772 – 17th October 2022 to 7th February 2023
Forest of Arden Chapter No 3826 – 7th February 2023 to 16th May 2023
Fletcher Chapter 1031- 16th May 2023 to 12th June 2023
Guy’s Cliffe Chapter 8874 – 12th June 2023 to 21st June 2023
Apollo Chapter 301 – 21st June 2023 – 17th July 2023
Grosvenor Chapter 938 – 17th July 2023 (Briefly!)
Athelstan Chapter 1333 – 17th July 2023 – 9th October 2023
Abbey Chapter 432 – 9th October 2023 – 19th December 2023
Trinity Chapter 254 – 19th December 2023 – 18th April 2024
Rectitude Chapter 502– 18th April 2024
Stoneleigh Chapter 725 – To be confirmed