Vesey Chapter Exalt an Army Veteran

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Vesey Chapter 794 in Sutton Coldfield performed a great Exaltation ceremony for Comp Kevin Davis, an Army veteran who sadly lost a leg during his Army career.  Some modifications were necessary to take Kevin through the ceremony, which was very well undertaken, and involved expert sharing of the ceremony by the Principals and the Sojurners.

Kevin was welcomed by all present.  E Comp Andy Leonard, MEZ, led the ceremony assisted by E Comp John Sheath, H, and E Comp David Barrie, Acting J.  The Sojurners, E Comp Peter James, acting Principal Sojurner and Comp Roger Cook, Assistant Sojurner helped Comp Kevin through every stage of the ceremony, and all enjoyed it, especially the Candidate.

It was good to hear the Setting the Scene narrative given at the appropriate stages by E Comp Ian Beckett throughout.  Many thanks to E Comp Paul Thrupp for his support, and to E Comp James Freakley, Scribe E, for his very helpful assistance throughout the evening, including organising the photograph.



John Hayward