Warwickshire Provincial Grand Zip Wire challenge

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The head of Warwickshire Freemasonry, Phil L Hall, and his team members will undertake a challenging task. On Saturday, the 11th of March 2023, the Provincial Grand Master, attended by a numerous retinue, will be undertaking to through himself down the Penrhyn zip wire, Velocity Two, in North Wales. The goal is to raise funds for the upcoming festival. On the fundraising page, Phil wrote:

“I’d like to do something to raise money for the Warwickshire 2023 festival in aid Masonic Charitable Foundation” the Provincial Grand Master is heard to say.

“Great idea” replies his entire executive.

“Can we involve the Royal Arch?” he adds.

“Yes! As head of both, the more the merrier”.

So, on the 11th of March 2023, the entire Craft and Royal Arch executives will be flung down one of the longest and fastest zip wires over a quarry in North Wales.

It would be great if as many members, family, and friends support this undertaking as possible and make the challenge a great success.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sponsor 16 of the most senior masons in Warwickshire, in one go. Surely that is priceless, and the proceeds will go to support the Masonic Charitable Foundation and all its good works.

A number of the supporters are going to stay at the Royal Victoria Hotel, Snowdonia on Friday, 10th of March, in preparation for this momentous event. They will all travel to Penrhyn Quarry to undertake the challenge. The first run is expected to start at around 11.15am. There will be four runs to include the executive of both the craft and royal arch. You are more than welcome to join the brethren at the hotel the night before.

If you can, every little contribution matters. You can sponsor the PGM to complete the challenge by clicking ,HERE.