Warwickshire Royal Arch Acting Officers – Zoom Meeting

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Dear Companions,


I thought that I’d share with you an image saved from least weeks Zoom Meeting with some of the Provinces Acting Officers who were able to get together virtually to keep in touch and enjoy each other’s companionship once more.

Usually of course, we can be seen going about our various roles throughout the Province attending all sorts of Royal Arch gatherings, but as that’s not possible at least we can enjoy being in each other’s company even if only for a few brief moments.

Speaking on behalf of all of the Acting Officers we hope that you are all managing to keep in touch similarly, or by other means with the members of your Chapters. Rest assured that as soon as we are able to resume our duties we will be out and about meeting up with you all once more, until then we extend our very best wishes to each of you and trust that you will continue keeping safe.