Warwickshire Royal Arch Benevolent Fund supports ‘Easter Smiles 2023’

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W Bro Andy Staker has once again successfully organised his Easter Smiles campaign, bringing a smile to the faces of children in hostels, hospices, temporary accommodation, sheltered housing and special schools.  Due to the generosity of Warwickshire Freemasons, Andy has built up a reserve over the last two years operation of the scheme, and intended to use that for this year, so as to avoid possible reduced donations being made to the 2023 Festival final year.

The Royal Arch Benevolent Fund decided that it was a wonderful scheme, which the fund should continue to support with a donation of £1000.  As in the past, distribution of the eggs has been arranged with members of the Executive teams and other volunteers, distributing some three thousand eggs.

Eggs were taken to three ‘safe havens’ providing accommodation and support for victims of domestic abuse.  Pictured below is Sonia Kosar of Birmingham Crisis Centre, also supported directly by the Benevolent Fund, receiving eggs from John Hayward.  Thanks to Lilli Swann for the photograph.

The Provincial Grand Master is pictured below with eggs from last year’s mammoth collection.

It must also be acknowledged that the Mark Degree has given significant support to the appeal this year, from the Mark Benevolent Fund and the annual Ladies Festival headed this year by W Bro Howard Smith.  Generous individual donations have also been received spontaneously on hearing the arrangements being made.

Many thanks to W Bro Andy for another year of successful purchasing skills, allocation and distribution to those children in need across our Province.


John Hayward