Warwickshire Tercentenary 2028 Appeal

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Tercentenary 2028 Appeal

In 2028 the Province of Warwickshire will be celebrating its 300-year anniversary. In the lead up to this momentous occasion, a number of key strategic activities are planned. The most significant of the provincial Grand Master’s chosen charity, Fisher House.

The Warwickshire Tercentenary 2028 Appeal to support Fisher House

"I have chosen Fisher House as the tercentenary charity as it's work supporting military personnel, veterans, their families and loved ones whilst being treated at the Royal Centre of Defence Medicine at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham is both inspirational and in line with the Province's commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant.I have spoken to both military patients and their families and the key ingredient for their recovery from life changing injuries is the knowledge and reassurance that their family are at close at hand and are well looked after.I am asking for your individual and collective support for this charity which cares for military personnel and their families who have made physical and mental sacrifices in order to keep us all safe. Regular information on the work of Fisher House will be provided to each individual Brother leading up to the culmination of our celebrations in 2028."


Hi, my name is Stuart. Thank you for being a supporter of Fisher House. I’d like to tell you my story and why Fisher House means so much to me.

In February 2013 my wife got that dreaded knock at the door. I was severely injured in an IED explosion whilst on my fourth deployment in Afghanistan. The explosion resulted in the immediate loss of my left leg and seriously damaged my left arm and right leg. I was quickly flown to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where I took the difficult decision to also have my right leg amputated.

My world had turned upside down. My family were across the country and rushed to be by my side. With my jaw being wired shut, I was desperate to show my wife that I was ok and see that she was ok.

Thankfully, they were able to stay at Fisher House, just five minutes from the hospital and visit whenever they wanted.

The Warwickshire Tercentenary 2028 Appeal to support Fisher House

I wouldn’t have got through my injury without my family. I can’t thank Fisher House enough for looking after them all so well.

During those difficult early days in my recovery, Fisher House gave me and my family a place to escape. It was our sanctuary, our bubble, our safe haven.

My wife would come to the hospital and push me over to Fisher House in my wheelchair. The house allowed us to have space away from the hospital, to try and wrap our heads round our new life and come to terms with my injuries. I was able to play with my little boy in a place that felt like a real home. My mates in the military were also able to visit and helped me piece together my memories of the attack to try and work past it.

Family is everything to me, knowing that they were safe in Fisher House and being looked after, allowed me to focus on my own recovery. The highlight of my days would be my little boy coming to have

This is my story. But there have been thousands of military families over the last 1 0 years with their own stories, and Fisher house has been there through it all. I know all of us want to say a huge thank you for their support when the worst happens. It is so important to ensure Fisher House is there for other families in the future.

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The Provincial Grand Charity Steward
Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire
Yenton Assembly Rooms,
73 Gravelly Hill North,
B23 6BJ​
W Bro Andrew Staker

The Provincial Grand Almoner
Secretary to the Provincial Grand Almoner
Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire
Yenton Assembly Rooms,
73 Gravelly Hill North,
B23 6BJ
W Bro John Harris

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