Chapter of Faith and Hope 4772 welcomes another Candidate

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Following on from an Exaltation at the May meeting, the members of the Chapter of Faith and Hope were delighted to welcome another Candidate and a Joining member.

Comp Keith Watkins, having been unattached for some time, was warmly welcomed, and then was able to watch the Exaltation of Bro Claudiu Gabriel Dinu, now a Companion of the Chapter.

Proposed into both Lodge and Chapter by E Comp John Hayward, Comp Claudiu was surprised to find John carrying out his ceremony on behalf of the MEZ, E Comp Colin Bennett.  E Comp Philip Wills, whilst expecting to share the ceremony with the Assistant Sojourners, found himself doing the entire work of the Sojourners.  E Comp Ian Grayson delivered the Mystical Lecture in the permitted shortened form, with great expertise.

The Chapter was pleased to welcome E Comp Mike Hogarth, as Assistant to the Provincial Principals, who presented Comp Claudiu Dinu with the Exaltee’s explanatory guide to the to the Royal Arch in Warwickshire, and welcomed him to the Province as well as to the Chapter.  Having been exalted at the previous meeting, Comp Andy Davis received his Grand Chapter Certificate from E Comp Mike Hogarth, with a highly professional explanation.

The Chapter was pleased to welcome a large number of visitors to witness the ceremony and enjoy the evening.

The Chapter was also pleased to hear the announcement by Comp Scribe E that there are three further Candidates to be exalted during 2024.



Pictured are E Comp Chris Albion, E Comp John Hayward, Comp Claudiu Dinu, E Comp Colin Bennett, E Comp Philip Wills and E Comp Bob Ballard.

In his role as Assistant to the Provincial Principals, E Comp Mike Hogarth was pleased to present Comp Andy Davis with his Grand Chapter Certificate.


Thanks to E Comp Mike Willetts for his photographic expertise