The Travelling Loving Cup ends the Summer break moving to Abbey Chapter

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A little back history first before we document the latest travels of the Loving Cup. An extraordinary set of moves, engineered by E Comp Nigel Hawkins, Provincial 2nd Principal, took place on 17th July.

The Cup was taken from Alcester by Apollo Chapter (Nigel is/was MEZ) to Atherstone, where it passed by arrangement briefly to Grosvenor Chapter (Nigel is/was MEZ) before being transferred to Athelstan Chapter for the Summer break.    If you managed to follow that, the next move took place on 9th October when Athelstan Chapter members took the Cup to Abbey Chapter in Nuneaton.  There are several members of Abbey Chapter who are also members of Athelstan Chapter, the latter’s Lodge having been sponsored originally by the former, hence the joint membership in some cases.

History lesson over – 9th October was the Installation/Induction of the new Principals of Abbey Chapter, in the form of E Comp Ray Archer, MEZ, E Comp Andy Ibbitson, H, and E Comp David Chadaway, J.  The Cup was presented by E Comp Malcolm Owen, MEZ of Athelstan Chapter with several members of his Chapter with him, some of whom are also members of Abbey Chapter.

So it is now up to Abbey Chapter to move the cup on to another Chapter, at another venue, and ensure that its travels continue throughout the Province.  Abbey Chapter have been provided with the names of Chapters who have expressed a wish to hold the Cup for a period, and will decide where the Chapter members wish to go to continue the tradition.

The updated Travelling Loving Cup travels and rules for movement are appended to this article.


Pictured above are :

E Comp Jonathan Bowley, Athelstan Chapter, E Comp Andy Ibbottson, H, E Comp Malcolm Owen, Athelstan Chapter MEZ, E Comp Ray Archer, MEZ Abbey Chapter, E Comp David Chadaway, J, E Comp Mike Smith, Athelstand Chapter.

John Hayward


The Travelling Loving Cup – Rules of Movement

To follow the rules governing the Cup’s travels, the Holding Chapter must select another Chapter, at another Warwickshire centre, with at least three members taking the cup to its destination.  The holding Chapter must not keep it for long, so that it continues its journey throughout the Province, and encourages visiting between Chapters.  The cup is now kept in a box to protect it on its travels, together with a record of its movements to date.  See the Royal Arch website for more information.


Past holders:-

Shakespeare Chapter No.284 – 6 July 2019 to 25 July 2019
Leigh Chapter No 887 – 25 July 2019 to 6 September 2019
Athol Chapter No 74 – 6 September 2019 to 16 September 2019

Leigh Chapter No 887 – 16 September 2019 to 19th January 2022

(Pandemic Restrictions period and rule change in July 2020)

Bedeword Chapter No 7274 – 19th January 2022 to 16th May 2022

Athelstan Chapter No 1333 –  16th May 2022 to 17th October 2022

Chapter of Faith and Hope No 4772 – 17th October 2022 to 7th February 2023

Forest of Arden Chapter No 3826 – 7th February 2023 to  16th May 2023

Fletcher Chapter 1031 – 16th May 2023 to 12th June 2023

Guy’s Cliffe Chapter – 12th June 2023 to 21st June 2023

Apollo Chapter 301 – 21st June 2023 – 17th July 2023

Grosvenor Chapter 938 – 17th July 2023 (Briefly!)

Athelstan Chapter 1333 – 17th July 2023 – 9th October 2023

Abbey Chapter 432 – 9th October 2023 – ?