Elkington Chapter Celebrate the Recruitment of Another Exaltee

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Elkington Chapter have really boosted their membership with an Exaltee and two joining members and the proposal of a further joining member, and all this taking place at their May meeting, prior to the summer break.

The Exaltee, W Bro Peter Glover, who is a member of the Lodge of St Blaise, and formerly a member of Murdoch Lodge before closure, was Exalted in a superb ceremony, conducted and co-ordinated by the MEZ, E Comp David Heard, with the assistance of E Comp Paul Williams, Acting as 3rd Principal, even before he formally became a member!   Paul has known the Exaltee Peter for many years, and was delighted to take him through the obligation on behalf of the MEZ.

After the candidate had retired, E Comp James Freakley, who also joined the Chapter at this meeting, handled the remainder of the Ceremony at the invitation of the MEZ.  The ceremony was expertly concluded by the presentation of the Mystical Lecture by E Comp Richard Bache, in addition to his duties as Scribe E.

The work of the Sojourners during the ceremony was also expertly handled by E Comp Paul Mycock, ably assisted by E Comp Mark Rea.   E Comp Paul also explained the Royal Arch ‘Fire’ pointing out the significance of the actions on the pedestal.  We believe this is unique to Elkington Chapter, and could perhaps be considered as an addition by other Chapters.

On his final Chapter visit as Assistant to the Provincial Principals, E Comp John Hayward congratulated the Chapter, which he had visited during the last year on several occasions, and wished them well for the future.

A great night – long may the Chapter continue to flourish.



L to R – E Comp Paul Mycock, E Comp John Hayward, APGP, Comp Peter Glover, E Comp Stephen Wright, E Comp David Heard, E Comp Paul Williams, E Comp James Freakley.


John Hayward