Chapter of Faith and Hope 4772 – First Exaltation for Two Years

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The Chapter of Faith and Hope, meeting at the Yenton Rooms, has been honoured with the first candidate since Covid restrictions were fully lifted.

Bro Andy Davis, of Thornhill Lodge 7137, now a Companion of the Chapter of Faith and Hope 4772, was exalted in a very successful ceremony, despite several members being unable to attend.  Our MEZ, E Comp Colin Bennett, having had a family bereavement was not with us, and a number of members were also missing for various reasons.

E Comp Ian Grayson, IPZ, returned as MEZ for the evening, whilst E Comp Howard Smith handled the shared ceremony at very short notice.  E Comp Philip Wills, whilst expecting to share the ceremony with the Assistant Sojourners, found himself doing the entire work of the Sojourners.  E Comp Gary Evans, a permanent visitor, stood in as necessary, including as Steward at the Festive Board, whilst E Comp Nigel Tongue found himself acting as Scribe N for the evening.

E Comp Ian Grayson delivered the Mystical Lecture in the permitted shortened form, with great expertise.  Although the Chapter was easily outnumbered by visitors, a great evening was enjoyed by all present.

In a dual role as Scribe E, E Comp John Hayward in his acting role as Assistant to the Provincial Principals, presented Comp Andy Davis with the Exaltee’s explanatory guide to the to the Royal Arch in Warwickshire, together with the Warwickshire Royal Arch Tie, and welcomed him to the Province as well as to the Chapter.

Judging by the visitors comments at the 4th Rising, and Comp Andy’s reaction, the Chapter succeeded in putting on a good show for the evening.



Pictured from L to R are E Comp Nigel Tongue, E Comp John Hayward, E Comp Chris Albion, Comp Andrew Davis, E Comp Ian Grayson, E Comp Bob Ballard, E Comp Philip Wills, E Comp Gary Evans.  E Comp Howard Smith was missing, believed to have escaped to the bar!

Thanks to E Comp Jason Spittle for his photographic expertise.


John Hayward