Elkington Chapter No. 1016 – Exaltation Ceremony on the 16th May

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On Thursday 16th of May Elkington Chapter, which is a beer drinking chapter
advanced Bro David Ewing, a fabulous ceremony was enjoyed by all with E.Comp
Richard Bache SE acting at “Z” and E.Comp Paul Mycock and Mark Rea
performing the sojourners entrances.  The Province deployed E Comp John
Starley to welcome the new member. After the meeting a Chinese banquet was
enjoyed by all, washed down with the favoured Chapter’s craft beers!

Officers taking part (from L to R) Mark Rea, 1st Asst Soj., Gary Evans, H,
David Heard,IPZ Acting Z, and Richard Bache, Scribe E., Acting J.”

Yours S&F

James Freakley