Chapter Of Fortitude No. 43 – Proclamation of Principals, then an Exaltation Ceremony on the 15th May.

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On Thursday 15th May the Chapter of Fortitude No 43, arguably the oldest chapter in province brought out the big guns to deliver a wonderful display of Warwickshire Royal Arch ritual. The meeting started, presided over by E.Comp Nigel J Hawkins PGStdB 2nd Provincial Grand Principal with the Chapter principles being proclaimed for a further year  in office which included E.Comp John F.R. Handley PGSwdB, a Past Deputy Grand Superintendent continuing as the Chapter’s First Principal.

The address to the scarlet robe was delivered by E.Comp David J Shakeshaft PAGSoj which was then followed by the address to the blue robe by E.Comp Paul K Thrupp who was also acting at the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal. All of this was performed under the ever watchful eye of E. Comp Philip Gough PGSwdB, a Past Deputy Grand Superintendent.  

The charges were then delivered by the Provincial team, and the meeting then moved swiftly into the exaltation of W.Bro Carl Lowndes.

E.Comp Nigel J Hawkins PGStdB 2nd PGP was asked to act as Principle Soj, and E.Comp David J Shakeshaft PAGSoj as the Scribe N for the ceremony with E. Comp John F.R. Handley PGSwdB continuing in his his role as Z. The ceremony was excellently performed by all of the officers in post, and recognised, and applauded by all of the Companions present, especially by the newly Exalted Companion, now a proud member of the Royal Arch, as can be seen by the warm smile on his face shown in this picture.

At the end of the meeting, it was announced that further candidates were in the pipeline for the new season starting in September, which will no doubt enable the chapter to continue to move from strength to strength.

E Comp James Freakley.