Stivichall Chapter No. 5799 – Installation Meeting

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Stivichall Chapter held its first Installation since the pandemic interrupted proceedings.  E Comp Mike Springthorpe, as MEZ, has held the Chapter together, with the help of E Comp Peter Stokes as SE, and having completed three years in the chair, for most MEZs that would be enough.  But not for Mike – having masterminded the Inductions, Mike reappeared as Third Principal to continue his sojourn for this long-established Chapter.  Bearing in mind that Mike lives in Exeter and travels up for every meeting – and does the same for Stivichall Lodge too.  That is dedication at a remarkable level.

A very enjoyable meeting saw E Comp David Chapman inducted as MEZ, E Comp Chris Scott-Simons inducted as H, and as mentioned, E Comp Mike Springthorpe inducted as J.  Two joining members were also welcomed into the Chapter.

The Provincial team was headed by E Comp John Hayward, Assistant to the Provincial Principals, with E Comp Peter Huckle acting as Second Provincial Principal and E Comp Kevin Garner acting as 3rd Principal with E Comp Paul Skinner, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.