Yenton Chapter No. 3484 – Installation Meeting

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The Chapters incoming First and Second Principals, E. Companions Ron Nipper and Stephen Fowler both being re-cycled Zerubbabel’s, were delighted to see Companion Steve Townsend installed as the Chapters new Third Principal after 28 years of being a Royal Arch Freemason to at long last become an Excellent Companion. As you can see from their smiling faces, they are very happy that Steve has reached that goal, and no doubt, they will expertly guide him on his journey through the chair of J and onwards to the chair of Z in due course.

The Provincial team, E Companion Gary Evans, acing second Principal, E Comp Nigel Hawkins Presiding, and E Comp Chris Stoner, acting as the Third G Principal are shown standing with the new principals.

As is often the case, the escorting provincial GDC, E Comp Mike Smith, Dep Prov GDC who took these photos can’t be seen, but his work during the meeting was warmly appreciated by the Companions at the customary festive board